CFSS was invited to participate in the LOHAS EXPO 2013 in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Our school was invited to participate in the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) EXPO 2013 in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 3G from 1st to 3rd February 2013. The exhibition aimed in promoting green and healthy living style, and the theme of our booth “Green Household” (located at A13) echoes with this. Besides introducing suitable plants for domestic plantation through booth display, we were also arranged to have a 45 – minute presentation on stage for in-depth sharing.

We regard this as a valuable chance in both showing how education promotes green living and exploring students’ potentials. Students took part in the preparation work under the guidance and supervision of teachers. They gave innovative and creative ideas during discussion, and they were able to complete the tasks with satisfactory quality. That was also encouraging to see students working independently and making quick response in introducing our booth to visitors.

Through the preparation work and the presentations to visitors and audience, we hope that students have raised their awareness towards healthy and green living style, which is using natural ways in satisfying their needs.

For the details of the LOHAS brochure, please refer to the following file:

LOHAS brochure (New)