STREAM Activity – Corn Doll Handicraft Workshop

Hong Kong Biodiversity Care Ambassador and Leadership Training Programme 2016 was launched in collaboration with Grateful Green Group, Lee Woo Shing College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department to cultivate green elites in schools. The Corn Doll Handicraft Workshop is one of the activities in this pioneer programme. It is our school’s honour to have invited Ms. Jor Yin Fun to share her joy of polishing corn sheaths, barks, seeds, dry leaves and flowers from nature into vivid green corn dolls. In the workshop, besides calculating the body ratio of the corn dolls, students also reflected on the issues of food shortage and sustainable development, with reference materials uploaded to our CFSS Cloud Knowledge Base as self-directed learning resources.

This inter-disciplinary workshop is actually a successful blend of Science, Technology, Reading/wRiting, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, i.e. STREAM approach.