Go Fun Low Carbon Youth Forum: Best Performing School Award

Low Carbon Guru Program is organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Hong Kong. Viki Ho, Alan Ng, Samuel Tsui, Lillian Wong from S.4A and Twinkle Lam from S.4D, accompanied by Mr. Ho Tik Shun, have joined the program to promote environmental conservation in our School and neighbouring district throughout the year. Their activities include:

  1. Shooting film: Low-carbon Guru Series
  2. Seminar: Sharing on restoration in Loess Plateau
  3. Green Diet Workshop
  4. Exhibition on Climate Change in YMCA Chai Wan Center: Recruitment of Low-Carbon Ice-Savers
  5. “Back to the Future” Monopoly in the Covered Playground

Out of the 24 participating schools, our School successfully achieved the title “The Best Performing School Team” with Ng Kwok Chap being granted “The Best Participation Award”. Our Guru Team has also been invited to share their views in the Youth Forum in Wai Hing Theatre of the City University of Hong Kong on 7 July 2012 (Sat). On top of this, the team will represent our School to participate in a low-carbon trip in Taiwan in mid-July.