Hong Kong Science Museum – Biodiversity Workshop

Our school was glad to collaborate with Grateful Green Group for organizing Biodiversity Workshops, 2 sessions in total, on the theme “Bird Conservation Express – Talking on Hong Kong’s Birds” in Biodiversity Gallery of the Hong Kong Science Museum in the afternoon of 13 Oct 2018. Our S.5 students Wong Zee Meng, Tsin Sau Kiu, Wong Hok Him and Lin Lok Lam Andrew were the guest speakers of the Workshops, educating the public on Hong Kong’s birds and promoting bird biodiversity conservation to the public.

What is “Bird Conservation Express – Talking on Hong Kong’s Birds” about?
Hong Kong is a small bit of land in the world yet can attract more than 500 species of birds to inhabit. Can you spot the difference of urban and rural bird species in Hong Kong? Are there any changes in migratory bird population in the recent years? How great are the impact of urban development in Hong Kong on the bird biodiversity of Asian and global bird populations. These questions will be unveiled one by one in the upcoming workshop.