Space-Exposed Seed Nursery Programme: Shijian-10 Seed Planting Ceremony

A Seed Planting Ceremony named “Education for Sustainable Development and Biodiversity: Space-Exposed Seed Nursery Programme” was launched by UNESCO(HK) in Ta Ku Ling Ling Ying Public School on 9 March 2019 (Sat). The seeds had been delivered into outer space by spacecraft Shijian-10. The Chinese Foundation Secondary School is one of the partner schools (Hong Kong Region) in this Nursery Programme. In the Ceremony, our S.5 students Wong Zee Meng, Tsin Sau Kiu, Chan Yuk Kie, Gabriella Bloom, Wu Hoi Man and Wong Hok Him shared their 4 years of experience on space seed nursery and intended deliverables of the project. They also showed how our school had been promoting biodiversity education and Sustainable Development through Popular Science, Citizen Science, Curriculum and Science Research. Our school representatives Assistant Principal Ho Tik Shun and two teachers, Ms. Leung Yue Shan Jennifer and Mr. Chung Cheuk Hung Vincent, received a new batch of space seeds from UNESCO(HK) Ms. Zhang Xin and The Aerospace Science Education Alliance Mr. Yu Yun in the Ceremony. Our green gurus had also worked out a plan for the next round of space seed nursery activities to be launched on campus in the coming future.