CFSS Pre-S.1 Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning Programme (STREAM) cum HKSciFest 2019 Activities – “Unveiling the Magic behind STREAM”

To allow our pre-S.1 students to know more about our School, a series of Pre-S.1 Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning Programmes started on 27th April, 2019 (Sat). As one of the School partners of the Hong Kong SciFest 2019, the captioned programme was open to the public for participation. In the workshop, participants explored the magic behind STREAM, which is the acronym of Science (S), Technology (T), Reading & wRiting (R), Engineering & Robotics(E), Art & Design (A) and Mathematics (M). The urban biodiversity were studied as well from a variety of perspectives. The Programme received high praise from all 130 participating pre-S.1 students and the public.