CFSS Getting Fruitful Results in the 22nd Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition

Following the outstanding performance in the previous years, our School succeeds in grabbing 18 prizes in the 22nd Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Invention Competition 19-20. We have altogether got 2 First Place Grand Awards, 2 Second Place Grand Awards, 5 Third Place Grand Award and 8 Merit Awards in research, invention and organization. Above all, it has been the ninth year of our School to receive an Outstanding Participating School Award. Please refer to following appendix for details.

Creative Drawing(Secondary)
Chan Fuk Chi (S.1A)

Teacher supervisors:
Dr Chuck Chi Pang
Mr Chan Wing Sang
Tree of Life
2nd Place Grand Award
Cheng Cheryl Tsz Sau (S.1E)

Teacher supervisors:
Dr Chan Pik Ying
Mr Chan Wing Sang
The Eco
Chemistry and Materials (Junior)
Luck Ho Yin Marcus (S.2A)
Shum Tsz Kiu (S.2A)
Woo Yat Him Curtis (S.2A)

Teacher supervisor:
Dr Chan Pik Ying
Feasibility of Generating Sufficient Oxygen to People for Survival by Using Electrolysis of Water3rd Place Grand Award
Lai Wing Yi (S.2E)
Lo Lok Yin (S.2E)
Yeung Wai Nga (S.2E)

Teacher supervisor:
Ms Ho Lai Mei
An economic-homemade filter for air conditionersMerit
Duan Ye (S.3E)
Lai Cheuk Hei (S.3E)
Pui Yat Hau (S.3E)

Teacher supervisors:
Mr Ho Chun Man
Ms So Ho Yee
Optimum Formula for Making Up-to-standard Household BleachMerit
Chemistry and Materials (Senior)
Leung Long Hei Ziv (S.5A)

Teacher supervisor:
Mr Ho Chun Man
Flexible and Wearable Direct Urea Fuel Cell2nd Place Grand Award
Biology and Health (Junior)
Lam Yat Hei (S.2C)
Lam Yee Lok (S.2C)
Tsui Ho Yin (S.2C)

Teacher supervisor:
Ms Leung Yue Shan, Jennifer
Natural Acne Bacteria Killers3rd Place Grand Award
Chau Lok Wun (S.3B)
Kong Hoi Kiu (S.3B)
Kwok Long Hei (S.3B)

Teacher supervisor:
Ms Leung Yue Shan, Jennifer
Artificial Fruit SkinMerit
Chow Esther (S.2E)
Ho Chun Hei (S.2E)
Wong Kwan Ho Jonathan (S.2E)

Teacher supervisor:
Dr Chuck Chi Pang
Atlantic salmon – Rainbow trout IdentifierMerit
Chan Chun Ting (S.2C)
Lee Yiu Lam (S.2C)
Wu Cheuk Ying (S.2C)

Teacher supervisor:
Ms Ngai Ling
Investigation of the inhibitory effect of traditional Chinese medicine on Staphylococcus aureusMerit
Biology and Health (Senior)
Wong Ka Hei (S.4B)

Teacher supervisor:
Mr Ho Tik Shun
Leukemia War: Rise of White-Grape Tea1st Place Grand Award
Chan Tsz Tung (S.5A)
Cheung Sui Sum (S.5A)
Tam Kit Yau (S.5A)

Teacher supervisor:
Dr Chuck Chi Pang
Avocado: Frenemy of Bacteria3rd Place Grand Award
Kwan Fung Ching (S.5A)
Leung Yiu Wang (S.5A)
Tang Wing Yan Grace (S.5A)

Teacher supervisor:
Ms Leung Yue Shan, Jennifer
Natural Antidiabetic DrugsMerit
Mathematics, Physics and Engineering (Junior)
Chan Yan Wut (S.2A)
Poon Wing Sze (S.2A)
Yeung Fan (S.2A)

Teacher supervisor:
Mr Chow Kin Sun
Floating Farms on Freshwater3rd Place Grand Award
Energy and Environmental Science (Senior)
Lam Ching Ying (S.5A)
Lee Ka Wing (S.5A)
Yip Hiu Ching (S.5A)

Teacher supervisor:
Ms Leung Yue Shan, Jennifer
Natural Sunscreen3rd Place Grand Award
Computer Science and Information Technology (Senior)
電腦及資訊科技 (高中組)
Chu Pak Hei (S.3B)
Leung Kwan Ki (S.4B)
Chan Chun Yuen Hayden (S.4C)

Teacher supervisor:
Mr Tsang Ka Ho
AISight: An AI-powered Object Detector for the Visually-impairedMerit
Outstanding STEM Activity
Lam Wai Ming Bella (S.4A)
Tung Lok Yiu (S.4B)
Wong Ka Hei (S.4B)

Teacher supervisors:
Ms Leung Yue Shan, Jennifer
Mr Chung Cheuk Hung, Vincent
Ms Ngai Ling
STREAM Team – Green Gurus:
Plant Evolution Through
the 4.5-Billion Years of Earth’s History
1st Place Grand Award
The Chinese Foundation Secondary School
Outstanding Participating School Award