Prize Presentation for the Hong Kong Specimen Drawing Competition

Eight of our students have participated in the fourth Hong Kong Specimen Drawing Competition as presented by the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Society of Biology in December 2019. They have been selected by the adjudicator panel in recognition of their remarkable drawings and received the awards as listed below. Due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak, the official Prize Presentation Ceremony did not take place this year. We were honoured to have our Principal, Mr. Ho, presenting the certificates to the awardees at our school.

Award List

Choi Ying Tung3CJunior SecondaryHighly Commended Award
Tam Ching Nok3CJunior SecondaryMerit
Yim Oi Ki3CJunior SecondaryMerit
Wu Wing Man5CSenior SecondaryOutstanding Award
Sun Ho Wing4ASenior SecondaryOutstanding Award
Tsang Sin Tung Natalie5ASenior SecondaryHighly Commended Award
Yeung Hoi Ching4ASenior SecondaryHighly Commended Award
Li Sze Ching4ASenior SecondaryMerit