Exchange Visits between CFSS and SPSS on STREAM and Sustainable Development Education

CFSS accords high importance to STREAM and Sustainable Development Education as the essential 21st century skills with which students should be equipped. With the prime aims for teachers to develop professionally in multiple disciplines and for students to thrive on the ever-changing world, our school had exchange visits with St. Paul’s Secondary School (SPSS).

The Principal, Vice Principals, Assistant Principals and teachers from St. Paul’s Secondary School (SPSS) visited us on 4 June 2021. A campus tour to different learning venues was arranged subsequent to Principal Ho’s sharing on the latest school developments. During the tour, we exchanged our experiences of incorporating different cutting-edge facilities into regular teaching, which are believed to be effective in uplifting students’ intrinsic motivation to learn beyond classrooms and animating the atmosphere of student-centred learning across various subjects.

Our Principal, Deputy Principals, Assistant Principals and teachers in turn visited SPSS on 15 June 2021. With the detailed sharing by Principals and teachers from SPSS, our teachers have learnt a lot from the thoughtful planning and development of “SPSS STEAM Room”, “Quantum Lab”, “Cookery Room” and “Chinese Mitten Crabs Aquaponics Room” to bring a brand-new and interesting learning experience to students. The exchange visits have certainly broadened the horizons of the teachers from both schools and we will continue to stay connected for more collaborations in the upcoming future.