High Level of Students’ Engagement in the Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge 2021

The ECF – Hong Kong Inter-School City Nature Challenge (HKISCNC) is a friendly fortnight-long competition in which Hong Kong schools find and log the most species in and around their campus, gathering more data on Hong Kong’s urban biodiversity.

It aims to replicate the massive success of Hong Kong in the City Nature Challenge and will follow the same format. Schools will compete for 3 individual awards and 2 group awards, including the best, 1st & 2nd runner up of photo, the most observations, and the most species.

Species logging activities were taken place in school campus as well as the Leaping Dragon Walk in Siu Sai Wan. With the high level of students’ engagement, 457 participants from CFSS has uploaded 6432 observations from 545 different species.