Online Workshop on “Aerospace Science and Space Seeds in CFSS”

30 CFSS teachers and students participated in the Online Lecture on “Aerospace Science and Space Seeds in CFSS” organized by Green Guru on 21 February 2022 (Mon). In the online workshop, Guru Leaders introduced the space seed species in the school and their current conditions. Our students also observed and compared how the crops grown from space seeds are different from the normal crops.

Green Guru unveiled the journey of space seeds with vivid and interesting stories – how the genes mutated after being exposed in space, and hence grew into plants with different forms and adaptability. The students of our school learned about the impact of the space environment on the growth and evolution of species, and these mutations may improve the adaptability of species and have a pivotal impact on the continuation of species.

The students actively asked questions, and the discussion atmosphere was lively and enlightening. We look forward to sharing more relevant knowledge next time.