FarmacyHK “Grow For Future” Programme 2022

Decline in arable land and growing population have worsened the food shortage crisis, and as global warming aggravate, global food supply and security has become an international issue with top priority. In light of this, the school has partnered with FarmacyHK, a company specialized in agricultural technology, to organize the “Grow For Future” Programme 2022, starting from 16/5/2022 (Monday). A mobile farming device has also been set up in school to showcase how decentralized and smart farming can be achieved in urban area to lower carbon footprint.

Through a series of online lectures and workshops, students are introduced to cutting edge technology in indoor farming, hydroponics, and related alternative food production methods. Planting cycle, crop planning and plant care learnt from the programme also resonate with scientific knowledge learnt from textbooks and school syllabus, allowing students to consolidate their learnt knowledge with real-life and hands-on experiences.

The eighth lecture will be conducted face-to-face at school on 13/6/2022 (Monday), followed by the hands-on practical session scheduled on 18/6/2022 (Saturday). Students will be summarizing all the skills and knowledge acquired through the lectures to plant seeds for germination and operate the mobile farming device.