CFSS Teachers and Students Taking Part in The Asia Summit on Global Health

On 10th November 2022, Principal Ho Tik Shun and STREAM Coordinator Mr. Tsang Ka Ho represented the school to take part in The Asia Summit on Global Health. They listened to the sharing from the professionals around the globe to address different global health issues. The speakers, ranging from healthcare experts, renowned academia, influential business leaders to key industry players, innovative start-ups, investors and policymakers from around the world, exchange insights, explore opportunities and collaborate on the diverse and dynamic healthcare sector.

Through their attendance to the summit and the display boards, their students were given inspirations to conduct investigative projects from the medical point of view. Students in each classroom were able to listen to the sharing by professionals through simultaneous broadcasts arranged by the Campus TVs.

Taking this opportunity, the participants would like to express their gratitude to the School Management Committee member, Miss Christine Yip, for the opportunity to enlighten the school staff as professional development and students as project learning opportunities.