Whole-school Approach in STREAM Education – SoyVestor STEAM Project

Our school has been promoting Popular Science to all CFSS students through STREAM education. In School Year 2022/23, we joined a whole-year STREAM Education programme, titled “Soyvestor STEAM Project”. From September to December 2022, we were honoured to have Prof. Lam Hon Ming and his team to deliver various workshops and seminars for junior form students, enriching our knowledge about soybeans.

Enriching knowledge aside, students also cultivated their high-order thinking capabilities. students were requested to evaluate the effects of global warming on soybean growth and the relationship between soybeans and global food security. Most importantly, students had to reflect on how they could join hands with Professors to make soybean production more sustainable.

Therefore, a debriefing session was arranged where students shared their journey of soybean learning to the teachers and the Soyvestor team. From students’ high level of reflections and motivations to further their investigations on soybeans, we are confident that the students will continue to pass on the knowledge they acquired to their friends in the train-the-trainer approach.