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Our School Participated in Global Biodiversity Surveying of the City Nature Challenge 2020: Hong Kong

The City Nature Challenge (CNC) 2020 is a global 4-day-long activity that citizens can log the most species in to gather more data on urban and rural biodiversity in their communities in the period of 24 Apr (Fri) to 27 Apr (Mon). Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, CNC is no longer a competition but a citizen science learning activity this year so that everyone can contribute to global biodiversity surveying of their household districts. Our school participated in the event and promoted citizen science…

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Student-Centred Learning in CFSS

The Paradigm Shift of Teaching There has been an overwhelming reform of teaching pedagogies over the past 20 years – from traditional ‘direct teaching’ to ‘knowledge-based teaching’ and ‘teacher-centered’ approaches’ to the current ‘inquiry-based’, ‘skill-based’ and ‘student-centered approaches’. In light of school-based management introduced by EDB, the teaching pedagogies adopted in Hong Kong’s primary and secondary schools vary. Some schools still adopt the traditional ‘chalk and talk’ approach while some others prefer project-based teaching, activity approach or e-teaching; some schools like CFSS may adopt various…

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