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Popular Science Enhancement Programme

To cultivate students’ interest in Popular Science, a series of workshops, collectively named as Popular Science Enhancement Program, were launched by our science teachers and green gurus at lunchtime so that students can take initiatives to experience the magic of Science. The Program has received good response – more than 200 students participate in the Program every year.  In addition, the program coincides with the drastic increase in participation and awards in local, national and international science and technology competitions. (A) Reading Paradise (B) Plant…

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Environmental Conservation Pioneer Program

Our School has put forward sustainable development and environmental conservation as one of the Areas of Major Concern in the recent years. Green Gurus of our School take an active role to launch various rearing programs, supported with signing campaigns and green workshop to our students, so that everyone of us is instilled with the concept of sustainability and the mission of safeguarding our Earth. The programs have also helped cultivate an atmosphere to nurture Science elites. Horseshoe Crab Rearing Scarab Beetle Rearing Mangrove Conservation…

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Science and Sustainable Development – Facilities on Campus

To provide a nurturing environment and enrich learning atmosphere for students to experience the contribution of science and technology to sustainable development, new facilities and teaching aids have been added in the recent years. They include the Science and Sustainable Development Resource Centre, a solar electric generating system, a wind turbine, a weather automatic monitoring system and a solar chill evaporative cooler. Installed with data loggers, high-quality stereomicroscopes, UV spectrophotometers and light microscopes, the Centre enables quantitative analyses of some scientific investigations. There are also…

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