Class and Class No.          3E (21)

Name:                                Li Chun Ngai

Year:                                   2017-2018


Chinese name: 女貞子
Family name (科名): 木犀科植物
Scientific name (學名) Ligustrum lucidum
Common name (俗名) Ligustrum see女貞實、冬青子、爆格蚤、白蠟樹子、鼠梓子





Growth habit:

Prunella cold resistance, water wet, hi warm and humid climate, hi light shade. Deep-rooted tree species, developed fibrous roots, rapid growth, strong sprout, resistant to pruning, but impatient barren. Strong resistance to air pollution, strong resistance to sulfur dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen fluoride and lead vapor, but also to endure higher dust, smoke and dust pollution. Strict requirements on the soil, with sandy loam or clay loam cultivation is appropriate, in red, yellow loam can grow. Strict requirements on the climate, resistant to -12 ℃ low temperature, but suitable for moist, leeward, sunny place planted, especially in deep, fertile, high humus content of soil growth well.






Flowering from June to July. Panicles terminal, 10 to 15 cm long, 8 to 17 cm in diam .; total pedicel 4 cm long, or absent; bracts leaflike, linear-lanceolate, sessile, caducous, bracts ovate-triangular; Pedicel very short or few; calyx campanulate, ca. 1.5 mm, 4-lobed; corolla tube ca. as long as lobes, lobes 4, oblong, ca. 2 mm, white; stamens 2, Tube throat, filaments thin, out of the corolla outside; pistil 1, ovary superior, spherical, 2 rooms, style columnar, stigma shallow 2 crack.




Fruit from 8 to December. Berry-like drupe, oblong, 6 to 12 mm long, green when young, ripe blue-black. 1 to 2 seeds, oblong. Dried fruit eggs form oval, some micro-curved, 5 to 10 mm long, 3 to 4 mm in diameter. Routine blue-black, with wrinkles; blunt ends at both ends with stalk mark. Quality is strong, light body, most of the single-ended after the cross-section break, such as double-Jen, the middle of every separate 瓤 apart. Ren oval, both ends of the tip, outside purple, gray inside. Odorless, sweet and slightly bitter. To grain size, full, color blue, solid quality is better.





Gan, bitter, cool; belong to the liver, kidney

主治:                                      頭暈目眩,鬚髮早白,視物昏花,陰虛發熱。



Dizzy, should be made early white, depending on the material dim flowers, Yin fever.




More to learn:

Ligustrum wine. Ligustrum lucidum 250 grams, low liquor 500 grams. Wash the medicine into the wine soak for 3 to 4 weeks, each time to drink a small cup, served 1 to 2 times. Efficacy: nourishing liver and kidney, blood circulation. Applicable to the crowd: waist and leg soreness, upset insomnia, dry mouth and throat, pale flush, hand, foot and heart hot, red tongue, pulse string count.


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Beginner Ligustrum see can be making wine. What are the medicinal values of Ligustrum wine?
Elementary Explain briefly how Ligustrum see get it’s Chinese name
Advanced Any other problem we can solve with Ligustrum see?


Class and Class No. 3A ( 30 )

Class No. 30

Year: 2017-2018

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Chinese name: 女貞子

Family Name (科名): 木犀科Oleaceae

Scientific name (學名): Fructus Ligustri Lucidi

Common name (俗名): Fruit of Glossy Privet

習性: 常綠大灌木或小喬木 Growth habit: Evergreen shrubs or small trees


葉對生, 葉片革質,卵形至卵狀披針形。

Leaf: Leaves opposite, leaf blade leathery, ovate to ovate-lanceolate


圓錐花序頂生, 花期6~7月。

Flower: Panicles top, flowering from June to July


漿果狀核果, 果期8~12月。

Fruit: Berry drupe, fruiting August to December



Properties sweet and slightly bitter-astringent

主治 頭暈目眩,鬚髮早白,視物昏花,陰虛發熱。 Treats

1. Dizziness, vertigo and tinnitus 2. Weakness of the loin and knees, hectic fever, nocturnal emission 3. Poliosis, alopecia 4. Blurring of vision, central retinitis and early cataract






More to learn: Take net privet son, add yellow wine, pour evenly, placed inside the tank or suitable container, closed, take the water pot, water to the wine to drain, remove, dry (each woman Zhenzi 100 pounds, with rice wine 20 pounds).

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Information http://yibian.hopto.org/yao/?yno=233


(Beginner) Q1. When the fruit of glossy privet flowering? Answer : June to July

(Elementary) Q2. Write the properties of the fruit of glossy privet? Answer : sweet and slightly bitter-astringent

(Advanced) Q3. What are the uses of Fruit of Glossy Privet ? Answer : To heal dizziness and blurring of vision