360-degree photography

Favored by the omnipresence of Virtual Reality (VR), it has brought up a brand new innovation in the era of photography, known as 360-degree photography. It is simply a panorama image, represented in spherical shape that captures a location from multiple angles.

What is so special about 360-degree photos? Well, normal cameras can only capture the space where you are for roughly 90 degrees only. However, the 360 canmera will capture the whole scene, including the sky, behind and in front of the scene. As a result, it provides viewers with a lively experience as if he/she is in the scene. As more people embrace 360-degree photos nowadays, social networking sites have started allowing users to upload and view 360-degree photos. Facebook is one of the examples in point.

facebook 360的圖片搜尋結果

So, 360-degree photo requires advanced equipment. Isn’t it? The answer is surely a resounding “no”. The recent development of the customer-grade 360 cameras allow people to take impressive 360-degree photos at a highly affordable price. Examples of customer-grade 360 cameras include but not limited to Samsung Gear 360, LG 360 Cam and Ricoh Theta V. They feature two high-resolution fish-eye lenses mounted opposite to each other, and then “stitches” the two spherical photographs together. Of course, a more professional one will be GoPro Omni. It fearures spherical rig with 6 Hero 4 cameras, creating a maximum of 8K capture resolution at 360 degrees.

Below are some tips to take 360-degree photos: