Bring Butterflies Back

With a rich flora and fauna, the current butterfly checklist in Hong Kong contains 245 species including one endemic subspecies, representing about 11% of species recorded throughout China. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, butterflies also play important roles in ecology, science and economy. However, butterfly populations are rapidly declining due to habitat loss, climate change and illegal collection.

Through joining the ‘Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club’, the Green Guru Team of our school has set up a ‘Butterfly Friendly Garden” at the Environmental Trial, hope to inspire students’ interest in butterflies and raise the awareness about butterfly conservation.

香港的動植物種類繁多,而現時香港的蝴蝶名錄有245個品種,約佔全國記錄的11%,當中包括一個特有亞種。除了觀賞價值外,蝴蝶在生態,科學和經濟方面也有著重要地位和價值。 然而由於喪失棲息地,氣候變化或非法採集,蝴蝶種群正在迅速減少,生存空間面臨威脅。