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Butterflies in Hong Kong

Butterflies are insects from the order Lepidoptera which also includes moths. Adult butterflies have large, often brightly coloured wings, and conspicuous fluttering flight. The current butterfly checklist in Hong Kong contains 245 species in 5 families which are Hesperiidae, Lycaenidae, Nymphalidae, Papilionidae, and Pieridae, each different in shape, colour, flight pattern and other characteristics. The table below shows the features of 4 butterfly species commonly found in Hong Kong. SpeciesTroides aeacusPapilio protenorPieris canidiaDelias pasithoeFamilyPapilionidaePapilionidaePieridaePieridaeChinese name金裳鳳蝶黑鳳蝶緣點白粉蝶報喜斑粉蝶Common nameGolden BirdwingSpangleIndian Cabbage WhiteRed-base JezebelDescriptionBlack forewings with veins bordered by…

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蝴蝶蜜源植物 Nectar Plant for Butterflies

市區公園裏很多開花植物都為蝴蝶提供花蜜,但是原來約一半的香港蝴蝶(尤其是蛺蝶和眼蝶),甚少或從不訪花吸蜜。 Many flowering plants in urban parks provide nectars for butterflies. However, about half of Hong Kong’s butterfly species, especially Nymphs and Browns, seldom or never visit flowers for nectar. 吊燈花 Coral Hibiscus(Hibiscus schizopetalus)五至十月開花,吸引大型鳳蝶和粉蝶到訪 Flowering from May to October, attracts large Swallowtails, Whites and Yellows 龍船花 Chinese Ixora(Ixora chinensis)六至十月開花,吸引各種鳳蝶和粉蝶 Flowering from June to October, attracts Swallowtails, Whites and Yellows 五星花 Pentas(Pentas lanceolata)三至十一月開花,吸引各種鳳蝶和粉蝶 Flowering from March to November, attracts Swallowtails, Whites and Yellows 蟛蜞菊 Wedelia(Wedelia trilobata)幾乎全年開花,吸引弄蝶、灰蝶和小型粉蝶 Flowering almost throughout the year, attracts Skippers, Blues, small Whites…

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Bring Butterflies Back

With a rich flora and fauna, the current butterfly checklist in Hong Kong contains 245 species including one endemic subspecies, representing about 11% of species recorded throughout China. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, butterflies also play important roles in ecology, science and economy. However, butterfly populations are rapidly declining due to habitat loss, climate change and illegal collection. Through joining the ‘Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club’, the Green Guru Team of our school has set up a ‘Butterfly Friendly Garden” at the Environmental Trial, hope to…

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