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CREATIVE DRAWING 2017-2018 Students’ works – S.1B(3) Chan Kwan Kiu

S.1B(3) Chan Kwan Kiu 海洋廣場 在未來,也許我們因為全球暖化的氣候而不能在陸地上生活了。冰層融化,水位上升,那麼我們為什麼不考慮住在海中呢? 你可以看到有一棟看起來像一個貝殼的購物中心。人們可以購買食品,衣服,日常用品等東西。它會提供氧氣,因此人們不需擔心無法在水中呼吸。在下方,有些看起來像貝殼形狀的東西,它們實際上是人們居住的地方!當你在家時,你可以看出窗外,看看海洋的壯麗景色。你可以看見熱帶魚,珊瑚,海龜,水母等海洋生物。   Water Plaza In future,we can’t live on land anymore because of the rise of sea level.Why don’t we think about living in the ocean?You can see there is a shell-shaped building which is the Water Plaza.We can buy food,clothes,daily supplies in it.Oxygen is provided in it.Below the shopping center,there are small buildings which are the houses for people!You can look outside the window and look at the magnificent view like fishes,corals,sea turtles,jellyfishes of the ocean from your home.

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CREATIVE DRAWING 2017-2018 Students’ works – S.2A(18) Lam Wai Ming Bella

S.2A(18) Lam Wai Ming Bella 海底微塑膠吸收「魚」 人類生活產生出來的塑膠廢物也有機會被排出海洋。這些廢㪵不能被完全分解。只會被海浪沖刷成微塑膠。如果海洋生物不幸吃掉了的話,他們會生病甚至死亡。不過「海底微塑膠吸收『魚』」可以回收海裡的廢膠。 首先,這條機㭜魚可以分離出水裡的膠。污水會經水管送去一個載滿膠球的箱,水中較大的膠粒會被困於膠球上的小孔。不同種類的微生物也會幫助分解較細微的膠粒。過濾後,水會從泵排回海裏。 Micro-plastic absorbing “fish” The plastic waste that humans produce often end up in the sea. But these waste materials cannot be fully decomposed and over time they will become micro-plastic. If sea animals consume these micro-plastics they may get sick and die. So, I have designed the “Micro-plastic absorbing ‘fish’” to collect and recycle the plastic in the ocean. This robotic fish has the ability to separate plastic from water. The contaminated water flows through a box containing…

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CREATIVE DRAWING 2017-2018 Students’ works – S.1D(27) Tang Chi Kei

S.1D(27) Tang Chi Kei 海底列車 未來人類可能發展到海底,我希望人類可以在海底和陸地也可以方便地行動,又不會破壞到生態環境.海底列車在陸地和海洋相通,在海溝上移動,保持在平線上移動到不同站,而且分開通住相反的路,就像現在的地鐵.它是以水力發電的,在陸地就以太陽能發電,為了不破壞生態環境,並沒有使用石油.此外任何生物接近列車周圍一百米,列車會發出該生物的溝通信號,讓生物停止接近.如果生物沒有停止前行,列車會自行停止,直至生物離開. The train under the sea Human will move to the seabed in the future. Human go confidently between the sea and the land at the same time not causing impact to the ecosystem with this train. It connects the land and the ocean and moves on the trench. Instead of using fossil fuel, the train is powered by hydroelectric power and by solar energy on the land.If any living creature come near to the train, it will send signal to…

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