Chestnut Bulbul (Hemixos castanonotus)

Common Name (in English) Chestnut Bulbul
(in Chinese) 栗背短腳鵯
Scientific Name (in Latin) Hemixos castanonotus
Peculiar characteristics / external features: The chestnut bulbul is between 18-22 cm in length. It is chestnut brown on top and back, while its throat, chest and belly is white in colour.
Distributions: It is found in southern China and northern Vietnam. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. In Hong Kong, chestnut bulbuls were only seen inside Tai Po Kau among the 11 study sites. This suggests that this bird is a forest specialist. This species is probably the most abundant bulbul in forests in South China.
l   Dietary The chestnut bulbul is omnivorous. It eats fruits, seeds, nuts and insects.
l   Reproductive (Solitary/Social/Territorial, Courtship Behavior, Taking care of youngs, etc) The breeding period starts from April and it lasts for 2 months. They builds their cup-like nest using coarse dry grass and leaves. It is usually placed around one to twelve metres off the ground.
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Interesting Fact: Formerly, some authorities classified the chestnut bulbul in the genus Hypsipetes and also as a subspecies of the Ashy Bulbul.





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