Cycads Garden in CFSS

Cycads are vascular, seed plants that are palm-like and are called Sago Palms. The leaves are found in a cluster at the tops of the trunks. Cycads were first to show “true secondary growth” along plant’s evolutionary history.

Class: Cycadopsida
Order: Cycadales
Family: Cycadaceae
Genera: Cycas / Zamia / Microcycas/ Dioon etc.

Representative seed and pollen cones for all cycad genera. a) Bowenia serrulata seed cone b) Bowenia spectabilis pollen cone c) Ceratozamia decumbens seed cone d) Ceratozamia decumbens pollen cone e) Cycas couttsiana seed cone f) Cycas revoluta pollen cones g) Dioon angustifolium seed cone h) Dioon angustifolium pollen cone i) Encephalartos ferox seed cone j) Encephalartos ferox pollen cone K) Lepidozamia hopei seed cone l) Lepidozamia peroffskyana pollen cone M) Macrozamia lucida seed cone n) Macrozamia lucida pollen cone o) Microcycas calocoma seed cone P) Microcycas calocoma pollen cones Q) Stangeria eriopus seed cone r) Stangeria eriopus pollen cone S) Zamia imperialis seed cone t) Zamia imperialis pollen cones. Photos: all Michael calonje except K: larry Krauss and n: irene terry.