ML224 Gemstones collection

Code: ML224

礦石標本Name Gemstones collection
化學公式 NAChemical Formula NA
莫氏硬度 因寶石不同而異 10顆鑽石9剛玉 8黃玉7石英 6長石5磷灰石 4螢石3方解石 2石膏1滑石粉Mohs scale of Hardness Varies with different gemstones. 10        Diamond    9   Corundum 8          Topaz         7   Quartz 6          Feldspar     5   Apatite 4          Fluorite      3   Calcite 2          Gypsum     1    Talc
描述 從普通的寶石(如黃玉)到稀有的寶石(如紅寶石),這些寶石的集合很多。這些寶石通常用於寶石收藏家,也被稱為寶石收藏家和寶石商人的獨裁者,或任何對珍貴珠寶知識淵博的人石頭。Description   A collection of many different gemstones, ranging from common gems such as Topaz, to rare gems such as rubies. These are usually for gem collectors, also known as lapidary who are collectors of and dealers in gems, or to anyone who is knowledgeable in precious stones.
小挑戰   什麼才算是寶石? 寶石,因美觀,耐用和稀有而備受推崇的各種礦物質中的任何一種。一些有機來源的非晶體材料(例如珍珠,紅珊瑚和琥珀色)也被歸類為寶石。各種各樣的寶石。寶石自古以來就吸引了人類,並長期用於珠寶業。Challenge What qualifies as a gemstone? Gemstone, any of various minerals highly prized for beauty, durability, and rarity. A few non crystalline materials of organic origin (e.g., pearl, red coral, and amber) also are classified as gemstones. Assortment of gems. Gemstones have attracted humankind since ancient times and have long been used for jewellery.


by Wong Ching Huen, Toby on 17 Mar 2021