ML292 Fluorite

Code: ML292

名稱   螢石Name   Fluorite
化學公式   CaF2Chemical Formula   CaF2
莫氏硬度   4 (defining minerals)  Mohs scale of Hardness   4 (defining minerals)
描述   螢石由氟化鈣組成,具有半透明或透明的外觀。有時,晶體可能是無色的,但有時也可能是黃色,粉紅色,綠色,藍色或紫色,或上述顏色的一些其他混合物。有時稱為螢石。石頭的名稱來自拉丁語“ fluo”,實際上意味著流動。Description   The fluorite is composed of calcium fluoride and possesses a translucent or transparent appearance. Occasionally, the crystal may be colorless, yet sometimes it may also be yellow, pink, green, blue, or purple, or some other mixtures of the aforementioned colors. This is sometimes known as the fluorspar. The name of the stone came from the Latin term fluo, which actually means to flow.
小挑戰   為什麼要使用螢石?   從物理上看,它是一塊保護性很強的石頭。實際上,它與howlite所帶來的好處完全相同。石頭可以幫助您了解何時有一些外部力量試圖操縱或控制您,它也可能有效地關閉任何形式的心理和心理操縱。    Challenge   Why we should use fluorite?   On a physical note, it’s a greatly protective stone. It is in fact, quite the same as the benefits that howlite has. The stone may help you in knowing when there are some external forces that are trying to manipulate or control you, it might also effectively shut any sort of psychic and mental manipulation down.