ML299 Stichtite/ Serpentine

Code: ML299

名稱   碳鎂鉻礦/蛇紋石Name   Stichtite/ Serpentine
化學公式   Mg6Cr2CO3(OH)16•4H2O/ (Mg, Fe)3Si2O5(OH)4Chemical Formula   Mg6Cr2CO3(OH)16•4H2O/ (Mg, Fe)3Si2O5(OH)4
莫氏硬度   1.5 – 2Mohs scale of Hardness   1.5 – 2
描述   它的顏色範圍從粉紅色到淡紫色到深紫色。 其光澤為蠟狀至樹脂狀,條紋為淡淡的淡紫色至白色,並且其透明性是透明Description   Its colour ranges from pink through lilac to a rich purple colour. Its Lustre is Waxy to resinous and its streak is Very pale lilac to white and the Diaphaneity of it is that it is transparent  
小挑戰   我們在哪裡可以找到這塊石頭? 它在Zeehan的西海岸先驅博物館中展出。 唯一的輝石蛇紋石商業礦位于輝石山上。  Challenge   Where can we find this stone? It is exhibited in the West Coast Pioneers Museum in Zeehan. The only commercial mine for stichtite serpentine is located on Stichtite Hill.  




By 4A34 Yeung Tsz Ying on 20210418