ML302 Crocoite

  鉻鉛礦Name   Crocoite
化學公式   PbCrO4Chemical Formula   PbCrO4
莫氏硬度   2.5–3Mohs scale of Hardness   2.5–3
  鉻鉛礦通常為橙色、紅色和黃色,而在透射光下為橙紅色。它的條紋呈現淡黃橙色。鱷魚石的光澤為亞玻璃質、樹脂質和蠟狀。Description   Crocoite is usually in orange, red and yellow, while it is orange-red in transmitted light. The streak of it is yellowish orange. Luster of Crocoite is sub-vitreous, resinous and waxy.
小挑戰   有什麼地方可以找到大量的鉻鉛礦? 在鄧達斯山的延伸礦山以及塔斯馬尼亞州鄧達斯的其他幾座礦山中被發現有大量的鉻鉛礦。Challenge   Are there any places where large amount of Crocoite could be found? Abundant masses of crocoite crystals have been found in the Extended Mine at Mount Dundas and a few other Mines at Dundas, Tasmania.



By 4A Chan Ho Yan 01 on 17/04/2021