ML304 Blue Fluorite

Code: ML304

名稱   藍螢石Name   Blue Fluorite  
化學公式   CaF2Chemical Formula   CaF2
莫氏硬度   4Mohs scale of Hardness   4
描述   晶體可能是無色的,但有時也可能是黃色,粉紅色,綠色,藍色或紫色,或上述顏色的一些其他混合物。  Description   Occasionally, the crystal may be colorless, yet sometimes it may also be yellow, pink, green, blue, or purple, or some other mixtures of the aforementioned colors.    
小挑戰   為什麼藍螢石是有價值的?   螢石是全世界最有價值和最有價值的晶體之一。這是因為它具有美麗和光度。此外,它還具有玻璃狀和柔軟的外觀,通常外觀非常鮮豔。      Challenge   Why blue fluorite is valuable ?   Fluorite is amongst the most collectible and most valued crystals in the whole wide world. This is because of the beauty and luminosity that it has. Furthermore, it also has a glassy and soft appearance, which is frequently very vibrant in appearance.