ML308 Fluorescent minerals collection (Shortwave)

  熒光礦物藏品(短波)Name   Fluorescent minerals collection (Shortwave)
化學公式  Chemical Formula  
莫氏硬度  Mohs scale of Hardness  
  當它吸收外界能量後它會發出螢光色。Description   When it absorbs external energy, it emits a fluorescent color
小挑戰   現在發現多少種? 全世界已經發現的礦物有5000多種 但具有螢光性的僅200種左右Challenge   How many kinds are found now?  There are more than 5,000 minerals found in the world  But only about 200 kinds are fluorescent


by 4B12 Lam Cheuk Ying Opal on 2 April 2021