ML309 Fluorescent minerals collection (Longwave & shortwave)

Code: ML309

熒光礦物藏品(長波及短波  Name Fluorescent minerals collection (Longwave & shortwave)
化學公式  Chemical Formula
莫氏硬度  Mohs scale of Hardness
當某種常溫物質經某種波長的入射光照射,吸收光能後進入激發態,並且立即退激發並發出出射光;而且一旦停止入射光,發光現象也隨之立即消失。具有這種性質的出射光就被稱之為螢光。一般以持續發光時間來分辨螢光或磷光,持續發光時間短於10-8秒的稱為螢光,持續發光時間長於10-8秒的稱為磷光。在日常生活中,人們通常廣義地把各種微弱的光亮都稱為螢光。  Description   When a certain room temperature substance is irradiated by incident light of a certain wavelength, it enters an excited state after absorbing light energy, and immediately de-excites and emits outgoing light; and when the incident light is stopped again, the luminescence phenomenon disappears immediately.  Generally, fluorescence or phosphorescence is distinguished by continuous emission time. Those with continuous emission time shorter than 10-8 seconds are called fluorescence, and those with continuous emission time longer than 10-8 seconds are called phosphorescence.  In daily life, people usually refer to all kinds of faint light as fluorescence in a broad sense.
小挑戰   熒光的應用   照明Challenge   Application of Fluorecent minerals   Illumination      


by Law Hau Yan 26 Mar 2021