ML310 Fluorescent gems rock with Willemite/ Calcite/ Franklinite minerals crystals

Code: ML310

CalciteName 方解石
化學公式 CaCO3Chemical Formula CaCO3
莫氏硬度 3Mohs scale of Hardness 3
它是無色或白色。條紋是白色的,在乳溝表面上的光澤為玻璃態至珍珠色。Description It is colorless or white. The streak is white and the luster is vitreous to pearly on cleavage surfaces.
小挑戰 方解石是否脆性?方解石易碎 Challenge Is Calcite brittle or not? Calcite is brittle



By 4B Lo King Wai 20 on 28 Mar 2021