ML313 Fluorescent Calcite

熒光方解石Fluorescent Calcite
化學公式  Chemical Formula
莫氏硬度  Mohs scale of Hardness
 3 3
某些礦物質能夠吸收波長為 200 納米至 400 納米的不可見紫外線,並發出波長為 400 至 700 納米的可見光,並在黑暗中“發光”,並發出熒光。  Certain minerals are capable of absorbing invisible ultraviolet light with a wavelength from 200nm to 400nm and give off visible light with a wavelength from 400 to 700nm and “glow” in the dark, they fluoresce.
什麼讓礦物發光?   大多數熒光礦物質需要引發熒光的活化劑。活化劑是在不同的地方已經包含在原始晶體結構中的少量某種化學元素或雜質。然而,一些元素如鐵和銅的雜質會阻止礦物中的熒光。  What makes a mineral glow?

Most fluorescent minerals require an activator that initiates fluorescence. The activator is a small amount of a certain chemical element or impurity having been included in the original crystal structure in different places. However, impurities of some elements such as iron and copper deter the fluorescence in minerals.