ML315 Scholzite

化學公式  Chemical Formula
莫氏硬度  Mohs scale of Hardness
Scholzite 是一種罕見的磷酸鋅礦物,來自德國巴伐利亞州哈根多夫的經典磷酸鹽礦物產地。 Hagendorf 地區包含一個富含磷酸鹽的偉晶岩侵入體,該侵入體經歷了一定程度的改變。稀有礦物如鋰長石是來自這個著名礦場的慷慨饋贈。 Scholzite 形成漂亮的亮白色板狀晶體,並與其他稀有磷酸鹽有關。當與其他稀有礦物結合時,標本會特別好。  Scholzite is a rare zinc phosphate mineral and comes from the classic phosphate mineral locality at Hagendorf, Bavaria, Germany. The Hagendorf locality contains a phosphate rich pegmatitic intrusive body that has undergone a certain amount of alteration. Rare minerals such as scholzite are a generous gift from this famous mineral site. Scholzite forms nice bright white tabular crystals and is associated with other rare phosphates. Specimens can be especially nice when combined with other rare minerals.  
Scholzite 與礦物 parascholzite 是二形的。雙晶型是一種化學性質相同但結構不同的礦物。就結構對稱性而言,更稀有的parascholzite 是單斜晶,而scholzite 是斜方晶。  Scholzite is dimorphous with the mineral parascholzite. A dimorph is a mineral that has the same chemistry but different structures. The even rarer parascholzite is monoclinic while scholzite is orthorhombic in regards to structural symmetry.