ML319 Agate

Code: ML319

名稱   瑪瑙Name   Agate
化學公式   SiO2Chemical Formula   SiO2
莫氏硬度   7Mohs scale of Hardness   7
描述 瑪瑙有多種顏色,包括白色,藍色,紅色,綠色,黃色,橙色,棕色,粉紅色,紫色,灰色和黑色。瑪瑙的一些罕見形式是呈虹彩的。瑪瑙的條紋是白色的。 它的光澤是玻璃的。瑪瑙很脆。 溶於氫氟酸。Description There are many colours of agate, including white, blue, red, green, yellow, orange, brown, pink, purple, gray, and black. Some rarer forms of Agate are iridescent. The streak of agate is white. Its luster is vitreous. Agate is brittle. It is dissolves in hydrofluoric acid.
小挑戰 瑪瑙的斷裂形狀是什麼? 這是貝殼狀的。Challenge What is the fracture shape of Agate? It is conchoidal.



By 4C Lam King Wun 16 on 16/3/2021