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Secondary 3 Science (Biology)

Mini-project on Chinese Medicinal Herbs

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Class 3A
Class No. and Name (9) Chu Yan Tung,  (10) Fok Wing Hay, (11) Fung Chung Hei, (12) Kong Chun Yat Ambrose
Year: 2018-2019

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Chinese name: 廣東木瓜紅
Family Name (科名): Styracaceae
Scientific name (學名): Rehderodendron Kwangtungense Chun
Common name (俗名): Kwangtung Rehdertree
習性: 落葉喬木高15米; 小枝棕色到紅棕色,有光澤。   Growth habit: Deciduous tree to 15 m tall; branchlets brown to reddish brown, glossy.  
葉: 葉相間生長,紙質到革質,橢圓形,7-16厘米長,3-8厘米寬。   Leaf: Leaves alternate, papery to leathery, elliptic, 7-16 cm long and 3-8 cm wide.  
花: 花6-8朵,花序約長7厘米。花白色;花萼鐘狀,5肋。6毫米長,5齒;花冠5裂片,裂片卵形,20-25毫米長,兩面都有星狀短柔毛;雄蕊10,不平等。花期3-4月     Flower: 6-8 flowers, inflorescence is about 7cm long. Flowers white; calyx campanulate, 5-ribbed, ca. 6 mm long, 5-dentate; corolla 5-lobulate, lobulate ovate, corolla 5-lobulate, lobulate ovate, ca. 20-25 mm long, stellate pubescent on both sides flower period is in March or April
果: 果呈現褐色,核果長圓形,橢圓形或橢圓形,果期7-9月。   Fruit: in brown color, Drupe oblong, elliptic or elliptical, fruit period from July to September.
性味功能 植株一般15m高,可作庭院觀景植物   Properties The plant is generally 15m high and can be used as a garden viewing plant.  
主治 沒有   Treats N/A  
知多一點點: 據“林業條例”,廣東木瓜紅被列為受保護物種   More to learn: The species has also been listed as protected species under the Forestry Regulations  

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Rare and Precious Plants of Hong Kong


(Beginner) Guidelines: Answer can be directly harvested from the information given. e.g. Q1. When is the flowering period Kwangtung Rehdertree?   Answer: Between March and April.  
(Elementary) Guidelines: Answer can be obtained from the information given and the external links. e.g. Q2. Why Rehderodendron kwangtungense Chun is listed as protected species?   Answer: Because of population size is small and the low germination rate of seed.  
(Advanced) Guidelines: Question requires higher order thinking. More information should be found from external links or reference before answering the questions. Q3.  List the Distribution of Kwangtung Rehdertree.   Answer: Ng Tung Chai, Kwun Yam Shan. Guangdong, S Hunnan, Guangxi and SE Yunnan.  

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