Plant Aliens 3A Group 5

Secondary 3 Science (Biology)
Mini-project on Chinese Medicinal Herbs
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Class 3A
Class No. and Name: (17) Lau Yiu Fung (18) Lee Kwan Ho
(19) Leung Yat Long (20) Li Sze Ching
Year: 2018-2019

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Chinese name:
Family Name (科名): 紫草科 Boraginaceae
Scientific name (學名): Mountain Tournefortia
Common name (俗名): 友誼草 愛國草 聚合草
習性: 攀援灌木 Growth habit: Climbing shrub
葉: 披針形或卵狀披針形具葉枝條頂端 Leaf: Lanceolate or ovate lanceolate shapedTop with leafy branches
花: 花無梗,著生花序分枝的一側 Flower: Flowers sessile on the side of the inflorescence
果: 圓球形,直徑約5毫米成熟時內果皮分裂為2個各含2粒種子的分核,但通常有1粒種子不育 Fruit: Spherical, about 5 mm in diameterThe endocarp splits into two sub-nuclears with two seeds when the fruit is ripe, one seed is infertile as usual
性味功能 添加到致幻飲料/致幻劑藥物 (致幻劑藥物是指在宗教巫覡宗敎或者精神領域使用的精神藥品) Properties Added to hallucinogenic drink / entheogen (Entheogen refers to psychotropic drugs used in religion, witchcraft, or spiritual areas)
主治 嬰童疹痘、癰疽便閉、小便淋、產後淋瀝不淨、惡蟲咬傷。 Treats Cure Infant rash pox, sputum closed, urinary leaching, postpartum leaching is not clean, biting insect bites.
主要功能 對涼血,解毒,絨毛膜上皮癌有抑制作用。 (祛風、活血、解毒、消腫) Main function Inhibitory effect on cooling blood, detoxification and chorionic epithelial cancer.
知多一點點: 如上所述,這些性味功能可用於致幻劑藥物。致幻劑藥物可以幫助治療精神疾病, 如創傷後應激障礙和抑鬱症。 More to learn: As mentioned, the properties can be used in entheogen. Entheogen can help to treat mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder and Depressive Disorder.

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精神與心理疾病治療:「迷幻藥 (可含性味功能)」或許大有作為

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