Plant Aliens 3A Group 4

Secondary 3 Science (Biology)
Mini-project on Chinese Medicinal Herbs
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Class 3A
Class No. and Name Quinn Kwok(13) Candy Kwong(14) Bella Lam(15) Zoe Lau(16)
Year: 2018-2019

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Chinese name: 蝶花莢蒾
Family Name (科名): Caprifoliaceae
Scientific name (學名): Viburnum hanceanum
Common name (俗名): Hance’s Viburnum
習性: 生於山谷、灌叢。花期:3-4月。 Growth habit: In valleys or in thickets. Flowering: Mar.-Apr.
葉: 對生,紙質,圓卵形、近圓形或橢圓形,長4-8厘米,頂端圓形,基部圓形至寬楔形 Leaf: opposite, papery, ovate, suborbicular or elliptic, 4-8 cm long, apex rounded, base rounded to broadly cuneate
花: 稀疏,外圍有2-5朵白色、直徑2-3厘米的不孕花 Flower: 2-5 white sterile marginal flowers about 2-3 cm in diam
果: 紅色,稍扁,卵圓形,長5-6厘米,直徑約4毫米 Fruit: red, slightly compressed, 5-6 cm long, 4 mm in diam
性味功能 抗寒性強,也耐乾旱,喜溫暖、濕潤、半陰的環境 Properties Strong cold resistance, also resistant to drought, warm, humid, semi-shaded environment
主治 活血,鎮痛,止癢 Treats Huoxue, analgesic, anti-itching
知多一點點: 在香港較少見,但生長地點多在郊野公園內,受到保護。可嘗試採種育苗,作遷地保育。 More to learn: In Hong Kong, it is very rare, but most of the localities of its occurrence are within Country Parks under protection. Ex-situ conservation measures could be explored.

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Alien’s name: 夏日熱辣辣