Plant Aliens 3A Group 6

Secondary 3 Science (Biology)

Mini-project on Chinese Medicinal Herbs

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Class 3A
Class No. and Name 21(Charles),22(Cherry),24(Douglass),25(Justin)
Year: 2018-2019

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Chinese name: 香港黧豆
Family Name (科名): 蝶形花科 Fabaceae
Scientific name (學名): 刺桐亞族 Mucuna championii
Common name (俗名): 港油麻藤/香港黧豆 Hong Kong Mucuna
習性: 1 .在香港低海拔的常綠森林中的樹木或灌木叢中 Growth habit: 1 .Among trees or shrubs in evergreen forests at low elevations in Hong Kong.  
葉:1 .網狀葉子 2 .葉子是綠色的 3 .無毛 4 .葉長達15.5厘米 Leaf: 1  . Network-vein leaves. 2 .Leaves is green which include. choroplast to absorbs sunlight. 3  .Glabrous and sparsely hairy. 4  . Leaves up to 15.5 cm.
花: 1  .花是紫色的,可以吸引昆蟲或鳥類進行授粉 2.旗瓣圓形,長2.5厘米 Flower: 1 . Flowers are purple which can attract insects or birds for pollination. 2 .Flowers are inverted. 3  . 2.5cm long.
果: 1 .黑色 2 .不對稱的長橢圓形,長15-16.5厘米,寬約5厘米 3.種子在果實裡 Fruit: 1 .Fruits are black in color. 2 .15-16.5cm long , width is 5 cm. 3  .Seeds are in the fruit.
性味功能 : 1 .酒味的果實 Properties: 1 . Taste like wine.  
主治 : 1 .如泌尿道,便秘,水腫,發燒,肺結核,潰瘍,帕金森病   Treats: 1 .Urinary tract, neurological , edema, fevers, tuberculosis, ulcers, Parkinson’s disease.  
知多一點點: 1.它是香港稀有及珍貴植物 More to learn: 1 .It is a rare and precious plant in Hong Kong.  

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(Beginner) Where can we find Hong Kong Mucuna? Answer: We can find it in somewhere which is among trees or shrubs in evergreen forests at low elevations in Hong Kong , such as northern part of New Territories and other possible places ( Tai Po, Lam Tsuen Valley, Fung Yuen, Plover Cove) .
(Elementary) When and where does the Hong Kong Mucuna first discovered? Answer: It was first discovered in around 1850 , and the first discovered was in Causeway Bay since it was near the sea in lowland area  which is match with the growth habit of it .
(Advanced) Why Hong Kong Mucuna is hard to be discovered? Answer: Due to the fact that they have much medicinal values , people were picking them for medicinal use . As more were picked , it became lesser and hard to be found .So ,  The government has explored Ex-situ conservation measures to protect it.

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