Plant Aliens 3C Group 2

Secondary 3 Science (Biology)
Mini-project on Chinese Medicinal Herbs
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Class :    3C

Class No. and Name: (5) Chau Yun Fung, (6) Chiu Tsz Hong, (7) Chu Man Ching, (8) Ho Wing

Year: 2018-2019


Chinese name: 紅花荷
Family Name (科名): Hamamelidaceae
Scientific name (學名): Rhodoleia championii Hook. f.
Common name (俗名): Rhodoleia
Growth habit: Hong Kong Local evergreen trees Prefer light in adulthood,(average annual temperature of 19 ° C to 22 ° C). A tree of primary and slightly disturbed forest, occurring over a wide altitudinal range.
幼苗期偏紅,白底.長葉柄,全緣.  葉面與葉底顏色有明顯的差異
Leaf: The leaf base is broadly tapering and the apex is obtuse or widely acute. The underside of the leaf is greyish, usually smooth but sometime with the remains of stellate brown scales. Seedling stage is reddish, white background. Long petiole, whole edge. There is a significant difference in leaf upper surface and leaf lower surface color
它以花序形式出現, 頭狀花序, 每一個花序內藏5朵花, 鮮紅或深紫紅色, 花期在1-3月間 五花的花蕊雲集,呈羽毛狀的花瓣組合美觀,宛如荷花,故稱紅花荷。
Flower: It appears in inflorescences, head-like flower, and 5 flowers in each inflorescence. Bright red or dark purple colour. Flowering period from January to March. The flower of the five petal gathers, and the feather-like petals are beautifully combined, like a lotus flower, so it is called Rhodoleia.
Fruit: When the petals fall off, the five ovaries expand and grow together in real time, and people can clearly see that five fruits are formed, which is called the characteristics of the head flower. The head-shaped inflorescence is an oval-shaped capsule with flat seeds and a yellow-brown color.
性味功能 :
辛,溫,入肝經 辛: 味道辛辣(如薑)或辛凉(如薄荷、冰片),用来发汗、解气 温: 温热药多具温中、散寒、助阳、补火等作用,主治各种寒症
Spicy (such as ginger), used for sweating, deflation Warm: warming medicine has many functions such as warming, dispelling cold, helping yang, supplementing fire, etc., attending various cold diseases
紅花荷的葉,用於治療寒凝血脈之出血症, 活血止血
Treats: The leaves of Rhodoleia are used to treat hemorrhagic disease of cold coagulation, and to stop bleeding
此花受”香港法例96章林務規例保護” 1849年在香港仔首次發現它的另一個綽號是“香港玫瑰”  
More to learn: The type specimen was collected from Little Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island by J. G. Champion in 1849. Listed in Rare and Precious Plants of Hong Kong. It is a protected species under the Forestry Regulations (Cap. 96 sub. leg.). Its other nickname is “Hong Kong Rose”

Previous Scientific Research (if any):

It nectar provides food for insects and some birds, and these animals use it to spread pollen. Flowers of Rhodoleia are bird-pollinated.The material is light, the structure is fine, the color is beautiful, and it can be used for furniture, boat, plywood and veneer.

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Rhodoleia championii
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(Beginner) What is the colour of Rhodoleia?
It is bright red or dark purple.
(Elementary) Do you know where Rhodoleia can be found in Hong Kong?
We first find it in Aberdeen.
(Advanced) Is Rhodoleia a monocotyleon or dicotyledon?
It is dicotyleon as it has leaves with net-work veination and petal number in multiple of five.
Alien’s name: 春天小茄瓜

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