Plant Aliens 3D Group 6

Secondary 3 Science (Biology)
Mini-project on Chinese Medicinal Herbs 
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Class 3D
Class No. and Name: (23) Tso Man Ying (24) Tu Hoi Yan
(25) Wong Cho Kei (26) Wong Edison
Year: 2018-2019

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Chinese name: 毛喉牛奶菜
Family Name(科名) 蘿藦科   Asclepiadaceae
Scientific name(學名) Marsdenia lachnostoma
Common name(俗名) Hairy-throat Condorvine
習性: 生亞灌木。 Growth habit: Scandent subshrubs
葉: 圓形或近心形,端部銳尖,背面蒼白或白霜。Leaf: Base rounded or subcordate, apex acute or obtuse, abaxially pale or glaucous. 
花: 大部分花為黃色,中間為白色,5月開花。 Flower: Pale yellow Flowering in May
果: 5月成熟 Fruit: Matured on May
性味功能: 味甘、微苦,性微寒。 Properties:  Sweet tasting, cool
主治: 具有活血散瘀消腫之功效。用於跌打損傷,瘀滯腫痛。 Treats: It use of activating blood circulation and dissipating swelling. It is used for bruises and bruises.
知多一點點: 它只發現於香港,因此具有潛在價值,也受到本地郊野公園的保護。More to learn: It is only found in Hong Kong and is thus of botanical interest. The species also has potential value as an ornamental plant. In Hong Kong, its localities of occurrence are within Country Parks under protection.  

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(Beginner) Q1. How does the Hairy-throat Condorvine’s leave shaped? Ans: Base rounded or subcordate, apex acute or obtuse, abaxially     pale or glaucous.  Q2. Why Hairy-throat Condorvine are under protection in Hong Kong? Ans: It is only found in Hong Kong.
(Elementary) Q1.Where do they mostly grow in Hong Kong? Ans: Ma On Shan, Tung Lung Chau. 
(Advanced) Q1.Discripe the flower of the Hairy-throat Condorvine. Ans: They are about 0.6-1.7 cm small and most of them are yellow colour and somr of them are purple colour.

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Alien’s name: 哈比人之樹