RM029 Yuhua Stone

Class: 5E (17)
Name: Luk Hau Lam
Year: 2017 – 2018


地質年代:(化石) (岩石)

化學組成, 鍵及結構:(礦物)



Geological Age: (Fossil) (Rock)

Chemical composition, bonding and structure: (Mineral)


Silicon dioxide, quartz and silicates.

形成:(岩石) (礦物)



















Formation:(Rock) (Mineral)


The formation was took place in theYangtze River, the Qinhuai River and the banks of the Weihe River, especially where the rivers meet. While formed mainly by the process of sedimentation, compaction and cementation. Which included tiny debris from eroded mountains, sand and other different  particles are washed into the water and begin to settle creating the process of sedimentation. Then, more layers will build up together and putting pressure towards the lower layers, showing the process of compaction. As more strata and further compaction, this will compel the water in the extra space between the layers. The salt crystals cement the multiple layers together. Among them, there are a lot of natural variegated stones with colorful spots and stripes. About the formation of these colorful variegated stones, it is formed in the basalt cracks in a earlier period, and some were formed in the Jurassic volcanic rock cracks or voids . During the condensing process of the lava, the quartz veins interspersed during the cold conditions. Under the pressure, the charged solute undergoes an alternating change in charge, resulting in the continuous separation of silica solute from the carrier medium. One or more crystal nucleuses condense to form a beautiful pattern. Due to the different chemical elements applied or the content of various elements are different, so as to form a variety of colors were created.




Living Specimens: (Fossil)



這石頭是天然的,並且由大量的自然形狀和顏色。 雨花石的大部分都是條紋狀,有許多不規則的橢圓形,每種厚度都不同。 顏色大多是黃色,紅色,綠色和白色。 有些可能會在石上看到風景或人物。 石的成分主要是二氧化矽,所以硬度相當高。 密度相對較高。雨花石紋彩斑斕,形狀圓滑,晶瑩耀眼,五光十色,千變萬化,呈錦繡般的圖案。由於水的作用,岩石表面光滑。




This stone is a natural and consist a lot of natural shapes and colors. Most of the Yuhua stones are striped and have many different irregular oval shapes and each thickness are different. The colors are mostly yellow, red, green and white. Some may have a landscape or figure seen in the stone. The composition of the stone is mainly silicon dioxide, so the hardness is quite high. The density is relatively high.

Most of them have beautiful color patterns,  colorful and crystal bright. The surface of the rock is smooth, due to water action.