RS036 Breccia(Calcrete)

Class: 5E
Name: Luk Hau Lam
Year: 2017 – 2018


地質年代:(化石) (岩石)

化學組成, 鍵及結構:(礦物)




Geological Age: (Fossil) (Rock)

Chemical composition, bonding and structure: (Mineral)


Calcite, Clay, Feldspar, Phosphates, Quartz, Silica


形成:(岩石) (礦物)










Formation:(Rock) (Mineral)


When those broken rocks , angular rock fragments or mineral debris is gathered together.

There are many types of breccia , including sedimentary , fault and igneous rocks.

Sedimentary breccia forms by mass wasting which is a kind of geomorphic process by soil, sand and rock moving downslope, under the care of gravity. Thick sedimentary breccia layer are generally formed. Breccia may also be favorable along a buried stream channel.

Fault breccia is resulted from the grinding action of two faults sliding past each other. It fills in the pores causing the process of cementation , cemented the broken fragments together by the minerals of groundwater.

Extrusive igneous breccia is formed by the rapid eruption of the volcano. Within the high degree Celsius leading to the explosive volcanoes ,the volcanic breccia environment combined into the intrusive  breccia environment.

Intrusive igneous breccia rocks are formed when the magma was transformed into consolidated or solidified magma.


Living Specimens: (Fossil)



由於有棱角的碎表面粗糙, 晶粒尺寸為2毫米或更多(中等到粗粒),肉眼可見。角礫岩擁有多種顏色,它的顔色的改變主要是因為當中包含了石碎片和水泥等物質。它的斷裂是不平衡的。 角質層的多孔性相對較低。



It is rough to touch due to Angular fragments. The grain size is 2 mm or more(medium to coarse grained) and the clasts are visible by naked eye.

Breccia can be in any color, it’s color depends on the colors of the cement, matrix and rock fragments. It’s fracture is uneven. The Provisory of a Breccia is relatively low.

用途:(岩石) (礦物)


角礫岩主要用作道路基礎和填縫工程,也用作牆面和地板裝飾的石板。 它在某些項目中很少使用,因為當中包括考慮粘接能力水平和高度不固定的施工。

Application: (Rock) (Mineral)


Breccia mainly use as road base and fill for roading industry.It also used as  demonstration stone for decoration of walls and floors. It rarely used in some projects consist go construction which consider the cementation and competence level are highly inconstant.

分佈:(岩石) (礦物)



Distribution: (Rock) (Mineral)


Breccia mainly are distributed in coastal areas and lake district at some countries such as Canada, England, Japan and New Zealand.




More to learn:

Breccia is similar to conglomerate, the difference is that conglomerate have been rounded by moving water.