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Science Behind Space Seed

Space-exposed seeds are the seedlings that brought to high-altitude balloons, satellites or spacecraft and are exposed to the radiation of cosmic rays, vacuum and microgravity to trigger or speed up mutation rate. The exposed seeds would be sent to the laboratory for screening, or hybridizing with some crops with desired growing factors, in order to cultivate new crop varieties and biological products. Unlike the genetically modified food, no foreign genes are introduced. The earth’s surface atmosphere has always blocked all kinds of radiation from the…

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Space Seed Nursery Ground

On the basis of one-year experience on space-seed nursery, Beijing Dong Cheng District Municipal Education Commission collaborates with the Hong Kong Institute of Education for Sustainable Development to launch “Education for Sustainable Development and Biodiversity: Space-Exposed Seed Nursery Programme”. The space-seeds have been delivered to three institutions in places with contrasting climates, namely Beijing, Hong Kong and Yunnan, for investigating how climatic factors affect the growth of the seedlings. As The Chinese Foundation Secondary School (CFSS) is renowned as the Exemplary School for UNESCO Project…

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