Taiwan Barbet (Megalaima nuchalis)

Common Name (in English) Taiwan Barbet
(in Chinese) 五色鳥
Scientific Name (in Latin) Megalaima nuchalis
Peculiar characteristics / external features: It is about 20 cm (7.9 in) long. The plumage is mostly green. The lore has a red spot. The ear-coverts and lower malar are blue. The throat is mustard yellow. The forehead is yellow. There is a black stripe above the eye. The beak is black and thick. The breast has a blue band and a red band. The belly is yellowish-green. The feet are greyish. The sexes are alike.
Distributions: The Taiwan barbet is a species of bird endemic to the island of Taiwan.
l   Dietary It feeds on fruits and insects. The breeding season is from March to August.
l   Reproductive (Solitary/Social/Territorial, Courtship Behavior, Taking care of youngs, etc) Breeding pairs produced a mean of 1.8 broods per season and had a mean clutch size of 3.0 eggs. The mean incubation period was 13.8 days, and both parents shared incubation. The mean nestling period was ∼27.5 days, considerably shorter than that of other Asian barbets.
l   Whatever appropriate It is commonly found in forests at elevations of up to 2,800 m. It nests in tree cavities. It may use an existing cavity or excavate one.
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