Principal’s Message

“It takes ten years to nurture a tree, but a hundred years to train a man.” A good education programme takes a long time to develop. In the past two decades, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School has grown robustly under the effort of the former Principals Mr. Chow and Mr. Au, together with the team effort of all staff members and parents. The Environmental Trail where you see me standing in the photo has been important in training students to become successful in areas that go beyond academics. One key element in training the young is in promoting sustainable development. One concrete example is planting trees and other plants. For example, we have planted more than a thousand types of plants. Students are taught to use QR codes to learn about the diversity of plants from our Cloud Knowledge Base. Through this method they learn to treasure a wide variety of flowers and trees. Digital maps of trees are also created along our pedestrian walks. Our students participate in the HK SciFests and Sustainable Development School Award Programmes. They also attend workshops which train them to reach out to children and the elderly to promote environmental awareness widely in our community. Thus, “Biodiversity” is an example of learning which extends far beyond the classroom. It is also promoted widely through cross-curricular activities and community service. Have we succeeded? We certainly have. In the Science Education learning area, our teachers received the “Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence”. Our school also received the “Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence” Gold Award this year. Stepping into the third decade, our school has continued to encourage a learning mode that is student-based, with self-directed learning and gifted programmes. There are a number of exceptional facilities in our school, including the Advanced Materials Research Centre, Cell Biotechnology Research Centre as well as a number of other outstanding rooms in the school campus. We are also seeking to excel in facilities and resources to promote music, visual arts and culture.

Last year, with our joint-cooperation with the Hong Kong Jockey Club The Charities Trust and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, in the Category of Artificial Intelligence Education, our school was selected as one of six pioneering schools in Hong Kong. Hardware and software have been installed in the campus so that artificial intelligence education can further extend to the domains of Internet of Things (IoTs) and Big Data. This will go a long way to equipping students and teachers to face the challenges brought by decades of educational revolution.

In order to better prepare students and teachers to face the challenges of the 21st century, our school has been honoured with a plethora of international business executives, professionals and scholars to share their experiences and tips on a variety of topics. These include: starting a business, biotechnology, artificial intelligence campus, oil-drilling, music, economics, history and culture, etc. Also, in addition to exchanges with international consulting teams, our school maintains ties with sister schools in the mainland and other world-renowned institutions. Few schools in Hong Kong have such a rich variety of opportunities to broaden the horizons to its students and teachers. We are cultivating global perspective, as well as strengthening the personal growth and professional development of all within our walls.

“We work for the betterment of our society in our provision of well-educated student graduates who are also open-minded, loyal and dedicated citizens.” This is the vision of CFSS and our promise to parents. I heartily express our gratitude for everyone’s continuous support over the past two decades. It has enabled our school to continually flourish and, for sure, is creating a better future for us all together.

With best wishes,
Ho Tik Shun
School Principal
September 2020