Our students get good results in 2021 “My Interfaces with the Belt and Road Initiative” Integrated Abilities Competition

The competition of this year was held on 5th June, and the questions are related to the following four areas, including “the Belt and Road Initiative,” “the Greater Bay Area,” “Green Society” and “Innovative Technology.” A series of seminars were delivered by several local leaders from academia and economic-political sphere, such as Professor Chan Man Hung Thomas and Professor Terence T.L. Chong. Three participating students, including Cheung Ho Tin (S.5B), Cheung Chun Hei (S.5E) and Cham Hei Ching (S.5E), performed ideally in the subsequent quiz competition and won the First Prize. The awards ceremony was later held on 28th July. On that day, the organiser invited Mr. Bernard Charnwut Chan GBM to deliver a speech at the ceremony, sharing his experience in public office with the award-winning students.