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Japan Education Tour 2015

In order to broaden students’ global horizon, our School Supervisor Dr. Annie Wu sponsored 12 students, 2 alumni and 4 teachers to participate in an education tour to Fukuoka in late July.  They aimed to study the sustainable development and culture of Japan.  In the tour, students learnt waste treatment, efficient production of energy and the preservation of culture in Fukuoka. Here enclosed the report of their learning outcome. Japan Ed Tour Report (Eng) 為了提昇學生的世界觀,伍淑清校監資助12名學生、2名舊生及4名老師於七月下旬前往日本福岡縣考察當地的可持續發持和文化。在團中,學生認識了日本是如何處理廢物、有效運用資源及保育文化。 以下是他們的學習報告。 Japan Ed Tour Report (Chi)   http://www.cfss.edu.hk/event20150719.html  

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Finland Education Tour 2015

  To enhance students’ horizon in global outlook and to train them as responsible global citizens, in response to the Millennium Declaration, School Supervisor Dr. Annie S.C. Wu sponsored a tour to Finland. School Management Committee Chairperson Professor Young, Founding Principal Mr. Chow, Principal Mr. Au, together with 6 teachers and 10 students, boarded the plane at midnight and set off to Finland.  The 9-day tour focused on Finland’s sustainable development and education. Here enclosed the report of their learning outcomes. Finland Booklet2 為了提昇學生的世界觀及響應聯合國千禧宣言作為一個負責任的社界公民,伍淑清博士贊助本校19師生前往芬蘭考察。校管會主席楊紫芝教授、創校校長周鍚昌先生、區光榮校長、6名老師及10名學生一起前往芬蘭認識當地的可持續發展及教育。 http://www.cfss.edu.hk/event20150402.html…

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Education Tours in CFSS

Theme of education tours orgnized by CFSS Tours in China Nature Provinces/ Cities Month/Year Theme Study Tours for Students Guangzhou Dec 2000 Culture Shanghai Dec 2000 Culture Qingyuan Jul 2002 Service Zhuhai Jul 2002 Sports Toishan Jul 2002 Sports Yunnan Dec 2003 Culture Guangzhou Jul 2004 Sports Guangzhou Jul 2005 Sports Guangzhou Jul 2005 Sports Guangzhou Aug 2005 Sports Xian Apr 2006 Culture, history Nanjing, Shanghai Apr 2006 Culture, history Jiangxi Feb 2007 Sports Guangzhou Jul 2008 Sports Beijing-Xian-Yanan Apr 2009 Culture, history Shanghai Jun…

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