ML005 Arsenopyrite

名稱 砷黃鐵礦Name Arsenopyrite
化學公式 砷化鐵Chemical Formula FeAsS
莫氏硬度 5.5-6Mohs scale of Hardness 5.5-6
描述 毒砂的顔色為錫白色。條紋為黑色,光澤是金屬光澤。敲擊時發出蒜臭味,灼燒後有磁性。當溶於硝酸時,會釋放出元素硫。Description The colour of arsenopyrite occurs as steel grey to silver white. The streak of it is black while its luster is metallic. It gives out garlic odor when struck, magnetic after burning. Elemental sulfur produced when dissolved in nitric acid.
小挑戰 我們在哪裡可以找到這石頭? 產於高溫熱液礦床中,斜晶岩以及接觸變質或致突變區域.Challenge Where can we find this stone? Arsenopyrite is found in high temperature hydrothermal veins, in pegmatites, and in areas of contact metamorphism or metasomatism.


By 4A Cheung Sze Wing 04 on 19 April 2021