ML298 Ulexite

Code: ML298

名稱  鈉硼解石  Name Ulexite      
化學公式 NaCaB5O6(OH)6•5H2O  Chemical Formula NaCaB5O6(OH)6•5H2O    
莫氏硬度  2.5  Mohs scale of Hardness 2.5  
描述  鈉硼解石與礦物硼砂一起發現,由於水在間歇性湖泊普拉亞斯中的蒸發而直接沉積在乾旱地區。鈉硼解石的顏色為白色或灰色至無色,透明至半透明的晶體。光澤柔滑。    Description Ulexite is found with the mineral borax and is directly deposited in arid regions from the evaporation of water in intermittent lakes called playas.The colour of ulexite is white or grey to colorless,transparent to translucent crystals. Its luster is silky.      
小挑戰  我們可以在哪裡找到?  在美國,智利和哈薩克斯坦都可以找到這種石頭。    Challenge  Where is it found?  This stone is found in the USA, Chile and Kazakhstan.  



By 4A Yeung Chun Hei 33 on 17/4