Astronomy in CFSS

The introduction of astronomy to CFSS started in 2006 when the Astronomy Club was established. Since then, apart from regular club activities, astronomy knowledge has been brought to all students and staff through a variety of astronomy events and courses.

Every year, a basic astronomy course is taught to S.2 or S.3 classes in the junior science curriculum. The students will learn basic astronomy knowledge, as well as some stargazing tips.

In case of special astronomy events, all students and staff will have a chance to observe that together. For example, we were able to watch the Venus Transit in 2012 using specially filtered telescopes. Stargazing sessions of Partial Solar Eclipse and Total Lunar Eclipse were also organized, both inside and outside the school premises.

Hong Kong is an extremely light polluted city. In order for students to enjoy a real starry sky, a trip to Inner Mongolia was organized in 2011. A trip to the Australian deserts will be organized during 2014 summer so that the students can experience the power of a truly star-studded sky.

The Astronomy Room is located in the Main Roof, next to the Science and Sustainable Development Resource Centre. It provides ample room for workshops, lectures, and stargazing sessions to be held. Telescopes are also acquired for students to have a closer glimpse on the wonders of the universe.